Mathews Brothers Noah Merrill

Engineered Composite Windows Series

It doesn't matter if you’re starting from the ground up, or if you’re remodeling a classic home, set your project apart from the rest with Noah Merrill windows.
These windows are made from a patented engineered material called MikronWood®. It combines the strength of thermalplastic resins to create a super tough, solid-core material. It's impervious to moisture and insects!

The Noah Merrill window series use a superior warm-edge insulating glass sealant system known as Envirosealed Windows™ for improved energy efficiency and resistance to condensation, and lower heating and cooling costs.


  • Durable without the maintenance ~ Noah Merrill composite material is impervious to moisture. Unlike wood, you don’t have to sand, scrape or repaint again. Noah Merrill material won’t absorb moisture and allow rotting like wood either.
  • Energy-efficient ~ Solid core composite material is a highly energy-efficient insulator, which may give you energy saving in your home.
  • DuraCap™ ~ Durable, permanent exterior white finish made with a patent-pending technology that’s durable and never needs painting.
  • Accelerated weathering and real world testing in the most demanding climates prove it stands up to the elements. It’s impervious to coastal salt air conditions.



All Noah Merrill window units come standard with 7/8" Clear Insulated Glass (IG) with Duralite® warm-edge spacers.
The following glazing options are available:
Insulated with Low-E coating
Insulated with Low-E & Argon (Stimulus-E package)

Insulated Laminated Safety Glass

Insulated Obscure Glass
Insulated Obscure with Low-E and/or Argon

Insulated Tempered Clear
Insulated Tempered with Low-E and/or Argon

Insulated Obscure Tempered 
Insulated Obscure Tempered with Low-E and/or Argon 

Envirosealed Windows™ have the most energy-efficient spacer as measured by their U-factor and edge of glass temperatures.


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