Routine Care & Maintenance Tips: Cleaning your Screens

Cleaning the screens on your Marvin windows and doors is best done by removing the screens altogether, laying them on a flat clean area, like a sidewalk, and spraying off any dust with water from your garden hose.

Allow the screens to completely air dry before replacing them in the window or door.
If you live in a cold climate, it is recommended that you remove exterior window screens and screen doors during the winter. The mesh may collect snow and ice, causing the screen to sag.
Always work from the exterior of the door when removing and replacing door screens.
Windows -- Interior Screens
To remove the interior screens, simply lift up on the finger lifts (or finger routes) at the bottom of the screen. This will cause the spring-like mechanism at the top of the screen to compress. Using the finger lifts and continuing to apply upward pressure, draw the bottom of the screen out of the window.
Windows -- Exterior Screens
To remove the screen, grasp the plunger pins and pull inward until the pins clear the screen lip on the frame cladding.
On Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hungs, push the screen outward, grasp screen frame and pull down slightly. Turn the screen sideways and bring it through the window into your home.
  • Marvin recommends that the operating sash on the double hung windows be removed from the window before attempting to remove the screen.
  • Certain size screens have a factory bow in the frame; this is to ensure a snug fit and is not a defect.
  • Every screen installed on Marvin products has a label affixed to it that states the following, "WARNING: Screen will not stop child from falling out of window. Keep child away from open window." If the sticker is removed, please take extra precautions to make sure children do not lean on the screen, especially when the window is open.